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Tungsten Tube

Edgetech Industries LLC provides tungsten tube and tungsten crucible with customized specifications that are used at high temperature.
Tungsten tube is widely used as high-temperature vessel in sapphire single crystal growth furnace, rare earth metals smelting system, induction furnace heating element, quartz glass smelting system. Tungsten tube is also used more and more in LED industry.
Tungsten tube production process: Isotactic pressing - Intermediate frequency sintering - Machining - Finishing.

Specification of our tungsten tube (W tube)

Product Tungsten Tube
Item No. PM74-T
Purity W≥99.95%
Density 18.3g/cc to 19.2g/cc
Process Sintering or machining from tungsten rod
Size 20-640mm OD x 50-1000mm length
Fine tungsten tube 4.75-20mm diameter x 50-300mm length
Surface Grinding, Finish turning, Black Oxide

Similar with tungsten crucible, tungsten tube with OD>80mm is made by sintering while small tungsten tubing is made by drilling from tungsten rod. The density for sintered tugnsten tube will be a bit smaller than forged tungsten rods. For 80-100mm OD tugnsten tubes, which can be made by both way, price for sintered tubes will be lower. 

We are very familiar with our customer’s requirements regarding tungsten tube’s quality, therefore we produce and deliver products with high purity and long service life.

Contact us at sales@edge-techind.com for inquires and more information of tungsten tube.

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