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Semimetal Elements

Semiconductor Elements are the elements in Group IV, whose electrical conductivity is intermediate between a metal and an insulator. Most important semiconductor elements are Silicon and Germanium.

The conductivity semiconductor materials will increase with temperature and in the presence of impurities. III-V semiconductors, II-VI semiconductors are the semiconductors which are combined by different groups.

Edgetech Industries LLC has been in the field for years, we mostly provide semiconductor elements raw materials, metal parts and sputtering targets that are used in semiconductor Industry. 

  • Silicon Si

    Silicon Si

    We provide silicon metal powder (Silicon powder), silicon metal lump & granules, fine silicon powder and other high purity silicon metal products.

  • Germanium Ge

    Germanium Ge

    Germanium is a lustrous, grayish-white metalloid member of group IV of elements, sharing similar physical properties to tin and silicon. We provide Germanium Lump, Germanium pieces, Germanium Pellets (Ge Pellets), Germanium Rod (Ge Rod), Tailor-made

  • Selenium Se

    Selenium Se

    Selenium powder, Selenium particles, Selenium block / ingot, Bismuth Selenide Powder, Copper Selenide Powder, Cadmium Selenide Powder

  • Tellurium Te

    Tellurium Te

    Tellurium ingot, Tellurium powder, Tellurium lump, Tellurium particle, Tellurium dioxide, Tellurium Tetrachloride Powder, Cadmium Telluride, Lead Telluride, Tellurium Evaporation Material

  • Antimony Sb

    Antimony Sb

    Antimony Ingot, Antimony Powder, Antimony Lump, Antimony Particle, Antimony Oxide, Antimony Sulfide, Indium Antimonide, ATO

  • Tin Sn

    Tin Sn

    Tin Ingot, Tin Foil, Tin Sheet, Tin Strip, Tin Wire, ITO Sputter target, Micro Tin powder, Nano Tin powder, Tin Zinc (Sn/Zn), Zinc Tin (Zn/Sn), Antimony Doped Tin Oxide (ATO), etc.

  • Bismuth Bi

    Bismuth Bi

    Bismuth ingot, Bismuth powder, Bismuth lump, Bismuth particle, Bismuth Trioxide, Bismuth Sulfide, Bismuth Selenide

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