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Tungsten Crucible

Tungsten is resistance to certain molten metals and metal oxides, and it is high temperature resistance, low pollution. Tungsten crucible is widely used in technologies for growing monocrystals from molten corundum, itis also used in electronics and technologies for thermal vaporization - deposition of various substances. W crucibles are an important part in high temperature furnace cause its high melting point. 
W crucibles and other pure W & molybdenum parts can be used for sapphire crystal growth and rare-earth melting due to their and other excellent characteristics.
Edgetech Industries LLC supplies all kinds of tungsten crucibles (crucible body and lid, round, tapered, customized square & rectangular crucible) and pure metal parts (heaters, heat insulation screens, sheets and supports, etc.), which is used in the process of sapphire growth and rare-earth melting.

We can also manufacture pure tungsten products according to customers’ drawings and specific requirements.

Specifications of W crucible

Product Tungsten Crucible
Item No. PM74-C
Purity W≥99.95%
Process Sintering or machining from rod
Surface Grinding, Finish turning

Pressed-sintered crucibles are mainly used in the Kyropolous process for the production of sapphire. When sapphire is easily extracted, better yield and improved quality of sapphire can be realized. EDGETECH’s tungsten and molybdenum-based crucibles are heat-resistant and feature a smooth surface, which make them durable and cost-effective. They have high density and also resistant to corrosion.Our crucibles are made from tungsten or molybdenum and have a surface roughness of below 0.8-1.6 µm. This feature extends the life of the reusable tungsten crucibles. When the crucible’s surface is rough, the sapphire cannot be easily extracted and this tends to damage the crystal. Besides, the crucible might get damaged in the process. In addition, the smooth surface is resistant to corrosion induced by the aggressive melted sapphire.

Dimensions for Tungsten crucibles

OD (mm) Wall Thickness (mm) Height(mm)
10 ~ 30 1.0 ~ 3 20 ~ 50
30 ~ 50 2~ 10 20 ~ 100
50 ~ 100 3 ~ 15 30 ~ 150
100 ~ 150 3 ~ 15 30 ~ 500
150 ~ 200 5 ~ 20 30 ~ 500
200 ~ 300 8 ~ 20 30 ~ 500
300 ~ 400 8 ~ 30 40 ~ 500
400 ~ 450 8 ~ 30 50 ~ 500
450 ~ 620 8~ 30 50 ~ 500
Other dimensions can be customized, we can also provide rectangular crucible.

Packing for our tungsten crucible

Tungsten products are fragile and heavy, carefully handling is needed. The standard package for goods is wooden crate, so that the materials can be protected during handling and transportation.  Carton is also used for small crucible sets.

Pictures of tungsten

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Contact us at sales@edge-techind.com for any inquiries and questions on tungsten products. We provide tailor-made parts according to your drawings, including rectangular & square crucible.

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