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Pure Niobium

EdgeTech Industries LLC provides Pure Niobium and Niobium Alloys shaped products (metal wire, rod, bar, tube, sheet, plate, strip, foil, ribbon, etc.), customized niobium parts (crucible, flange, Nb fasteners, mesh, etc.) are also available. 

Niobium is a rare, soft, malleable, ductile, gray-white metal. It has a body-centered cubic crystalline structure and in its physical and chemical properties, it resembles tantalum. It must be placed in a protective atmosphere when processed at even moderate temperatures because it tends to react with oxygen, carbon, halogens, nitrogen, and sulfur. The metal is inert to acids, even to aqua regia at room temperatures, but is attacked by hot, concentrated acids, and especially by alkalis and oxidizing agents.


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  • Platinized Niobium Anode

    Platinized Niobium Anode

    Our Platinized Niobium Anode (niobium-based platinum-plated electrode) adopts a special electroplating process. Base niobium product: mesh, plate, tube, rod, wire, etc.

  • Niobium Tube (Nb tubing)

    Niobium Tube (Nb tubing)

    We provide niobium tube (seamless and welded tubing), pipe and niobium capillary with R04200 & R04210 niobium. Other niobium tubular products such as niobium ring are also available on request.

  • Niobium Wire (Nb Wire)

    Niobium Wire (Nb Wire)

    Edgetech Industries LLC is a trusted supplier of high quality niobium wire and Nb alloy wire. We provide niobium wire with 0.2~3.0mm diameter.

  • Niobium Sheet & Niobium Plate

    Niobium Sheet & Niobium Plate

    We provide niobium sheet, strip and plate (board) with R04200-1, R04210-2 niobium. Other related niobium products such as niobium block, disc & ribbon are also available on request.

  • Niobium Strip & Niobium Foil

    Niobium Strip & Niobium Foil

    We provide niobium foil & strip with R04200, R04210 niobium grade. Other niobium products such as niobium sheet, plate, block, ribbon are also available.

  • Niobium Rod / Niobium Bar / Niobium Ingot

    Niobium Rod / Niobium Bar / Niobium Ingot

    We supply niobium rod, niobium bar and niobium ingot with 3-145mm diameter (R04200, R04210, R04220 niobium), we also provide niobium bars with rectangular, square and other shapes.

  • Niobium Disc & Sputtering Target

    Niobium Disc & Sputtering Target

    We provide niobium discs and niobium sputtering targets per drawings. Niobium metal disc is cut from niobium sheet & plate,even niobium block & ingot.

  • Niobium Mesh

    Niobium Mesh

    We provide niobium wire mesh, expanded mesh (sheet expanded mesh, stamped mesh) and platinized mesh anode. Other niobium products are also available on request.

  • Niobium Parts

    Niobium Parts

    We provide niobium machined products such as: niobium crucible, nuts, bolts, heating elements, niobium shielding screens, niobium flange, etc.

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