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Tungsten Composites

Edgetech Industries LLC provides tungsten copper, tungsten carbide copper, tungsten silver and tungsten carbide silver with varies compositions for high voltage & high temperature fields. We provide tungsten copper parts for EDM molding and resistance welding, we also talor-made heat sink for semi-conductive fields. The composition of tungsten composites can be customized. 

Tungsten Composites:

Material: Tungsten copper, Tungsten carbide copper, Tungsten silver
Composistion: Customized with tunsten 50-90%
Shaped products: Sheet, disc, rod, bar, plate, etc.
Customized parts: Heat sink, Electrical contact, Resistance welding electrode, parts per drawings


  • Tungsten Copper

    Tungsten Copper

    Edgetech Industries LLC provides tungsten copper composites (CuW) with various copper content. Products: tungsten copper rod, tungsten copper plate, heat sink, electrical contact and wear resistance electrode.

  • Tungsten Carbide Copper

    Tungsten Carbide Copper

    Tungsten carbide copper (CuWC) can be used as dies and anvils in electrical upsetting, WC-Cu (CuWC) is a refractory tungsten carbide based composite obtained by the process of pressing, sintering and infiltrating.

  • Tungsten Silver

    Tungsten Silver

    Edgetech Industries LLC provides tungsten silver composites (AgW) with various silver content, tungsten silver rod, tungsten silver plate, AgW electrical contact, tungsten silver electrode are available.

  • Resistance welding electrode

    Resistance welding electrode

    Our tungsten copper resistance welding electrode is used for spot welding, roller welding, projection welding, etc. We provide resistance welding electrode by RWMA Class 2, RWMA Class 3, RWMA Class 13, RWMA Class 14.

  • Electrical contact

    Electrical contact

    Edgetech Ind enjoys a long history of manufacturing tungsten copper & tungsten silver electrical contact. Whether you require discrete silver semi-refractory contact, silver tungsten or copper tungsten electrical contact, make us your first

  • Heat Sink

    Heat Sink

    Heat sink is a passive heat ex-changer that cools a device by dissipating heat into the surrounding medium. We provide Molybdenum copper (MoCu) heat sinks, Tungsten copper (WCu) heat sinks, Mo-Cu-Mo heat sinks and Cu-Mo70Cu-Cu Heat Sinks.

  • EDM Electrode

    EDM Electrode

    Mold is always needed for complex part, we provide tungsten copper EDM electrode for molds making. The material of our tungsten copper EDM Electrodes can be tungsten copper with tungsten content from 50% to 85%.

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