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In aircraft, rockets, satellites and spacecraft, requires the structure materials with high strength, low weight. Due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and melting point, Titanium is widely involved in aerospace.
Edgetech Industries provides material that meets the stringent requirements demanded in aircraft engines including high temperature and strength characteristics.
Aluminum-scandium alloys are also used for aerospace components because of its low weight.
Rare earth magnets are very powerful, some of them can keep their magnetic strength at high temperatures, making them ideal for commercial and aerospace applications. Rare earth elements are also used for lasers and resolution technologies, which are critical to modern aerospace systems.
Opposite to titanium parts, tungsten heavy alloy is mostly used as counterbalance weights because of its high density. Parts as follows are made by tungsten alloys.

Components such as ailerons, flaps, rudders and elevators are fitted with counterweights to optimize their performance.
Used to achieve final balance in an individual component, assembly or complete aircraft.
These weights are frequently used in development or prototype work to simulate the weight of equipment or passengers during test flights.
Tungsten counterweights are designed into a propeller fail-safe system to prevent over speeding.
Helicopter rotor blades require both static and dynamic balancing.
Rotating parts in gyroscopic controls are often made from tungsten material because of its high angular momentum. These applications are typically found in avionics and missiles.
Tungsten weights have been used to deaden vibration in applications including control sticks and riveting tooling. The same principle is used to increase passenger comfort by reducing vibration within the body of the aircraft - this is especially valuable in turboprops and helicopters.

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