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Health Care

Rare earth permanent magnets have greatly improved the field of health and medical technology. Attributed to their capability of generating powerful magnetic field, they are widely used in medical imaging devices, such as MRIs, which have enabled doctors to diagnose diseases with high confidence. Rare earth elements are also used in many other modern surgical devices, such as robot-assisted surgery machines. They also have been used in other pioneering technologies such as implanted medical devices. Yttrium, used in solid state lasers and cancer-treating drugs, is of great importance to modern medicines.
As to X-ray equipment and computer tomography, medical device manufactures have trusted our stationary anodes and X-ray targets which are made of TZM, MHC, tungsten-rhenium alloys and tungsten-copper. We supply tube and detector components, in the form of rotors, bearing components, cathode assemblies, emitters and CT collimators. They are now widely used in modern imaging diagnostic technology. X-ray radiation generates when electrons are decelerated at the anode. However, 99% of the absorbed energy is converted to heat. Our metals can stand the high temperatures and provide reliable thermal management within the X-ray system.
In the field of radiotherapy, we have assisted in the recovery of thousands of patients. Absolute precision and uncompromised quality are critical for radiotherapy. Made from dense tungsten-heavy metal alloys, multileaf collimators and shieldings have high precision. They guarantee that the radiation is focused on the abnormal tissue with high accuracy. Hence, tumors are treated with high-precision irradiation while the healthy tissue is not affected. 
When it comes to human health and welfare, we would like to be in full control. Our production chain starts with the reduction of raw materials to form metal powders to ascertain high purity. We produce compact metallic products from porous powder blanks. We turn these into complex components of maximum performance and excellent quality via complicated processes such as special forming process, mechanical processing steps, state-of-the art coating and joining technologies.  










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