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Zirconium Metal

Zirconium Metal products:

Materials: Crystal Zirconium with low hafnium content, Zirconium 702, Zirconium 704

Fabricated Zr: Zirconium sheet, strip, plate, rod, wire, tube, bar, etc.

Other Zirconium products: Zirconium pellets, Zirconium ring, Zirconium mesh, Zirconium sputtering targets, Zirconium pipe fittings, Zirconium crucible, Zirconium strip, Zirconium ribbon, Zirconium flange, etc.

Please send us your drawings to sales@edge-techind.com for other machined zirconium parts.


  • Zirconium Strip & Zirconium Ribbon

    Zirconium Strip & Zirconium Ribbon

    We provide zirconium strip (Zr strips) & zirconium ribbon (Zr ribbon) with 0.025mm-0.5mm thick and customized width. Other zirconium rolling products are also available on request.

  • Zirconium Crystal Bar

    Zirconium Crystal Bar

    Zirconium Crystal Bar is a high purity zirconium product with low Hafnium. We provide zirconium crystal bar, and zirconium crystal rod & wire, crystal zirconium pellets and high purity zirconium sputtering targets.

  • Zirconium Foil

    Zirconium Foil

    Edgetech Industries LLC provides zirconium foil and zirconium alloy foil with thinnest thickness 0.025mm. Other zirconium rolling products such as zirconium strip & zirconium sheets are also available on request.

  • Zirconium Sheet & Zirconium Plate

    Zirconium Sheet & Zirconium Plate

    We provide Zirconium sheet (Zr sheets) and Zirconium plate (Zr plates) with 0.3mm-50mm thick and material grades: R60702, R60705. Zirconium discs & zirconium square cut from sheets & plates are also available.

  • Zirconium Wire

    Zirconium Wire

    We provide Zirconium wire (Zr wire)& Zirconium welding wire (Zr welding wire & rods) with material grades: ERZr2, ERZr3, ERZr4 and specifications: AWS A5.24, ASTM B550.

  • Zirconium Rod

    Zirconium Rod

    We provide Zirconium Rod (Zr rods) & Zirconium Bar (Zr bars) with 5.0-300 diameter and material grades: R60702, R60705. Other zirconium products are also available on request.

  • Zirconium Tube

    Zirconium Tube

    We provide Zirconium seamless tube (Zr tubes, Zr tubing) & Zirconium pipe (Zr tubes, Zr tubing) with 8-133mm OD and material grades: R60702, R60704.

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