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Terbium Tb

Terbium Tb

Terbium, a very soft silvery rare earth metal, is mainly used in green phosphors. Together with divalent europium blue phosphors and trivalent europium red phosphors, terbium green phosphors are used to produce standard white light for indoor lighting. Terbium compounds are useful biological probes due to the long emission lifetime of terbium. As a component of Terfenol-D, terbium is widely also used in actuators, naval sonar systems, sensors SoundBug devices and other magnetomechanical devices. Terbium is also used as a crystal stabilizer for fuel cells which operate at high temperatures.

Terbium Metal: Terbium Powder, Terbium Lump, Terbium Sputtering Target, Terbium Disc, Terbium Rod, Terbium Plate, Terbium Sheet, Terbium Aluminum Sputtering Target, Terbium Pellets, Terbium Cube, Terbium Cylinder, Terbium Evaporation Materials, etc.

Terbium Compounds: Terbium Oxide, Terbium Acetate, Terbium Carbonates, Terbium Hydrate, Terbium Nitrate, Terbium Chloride, Terbium Fluoride, Terbium Oxalate

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Material Available_Products Purity Part No. Inquiry
Terbium Metal (Tb Metal)

Terbium Metal
High Purity Metal Powder & Lump
Terbium Metal Sputtering Target, Disc
Tb Plate, Sheet, Foil, Rod, cylinder, etc.


M65-Tb Inquiry
Terbium Oxide (Tb4O7)

Terbium Oxide
Tb4O7 Powder: D=~3.8 µm
Tb4O7 Granules: 3~12mm for PVD
Terbium Oxide Sputtering Targets

3N5, 4N

O65-Tb Inquiry
Terbium Acetate

Terbium Acetate Hydrate
Tb(C2H3O2)3 XH2O
TREO: > 35%

3N, 4N

AC65-Tb Inquiry
Terbium Carbonate

Terbium Carbonate Hydrate
Tb2(CO3)3 XH2O
TREO: > 42%


CN65-Tb Inquiry
Terbium Chloride

Terbium Chloride Hexahydrate
TbCl3 XH2O
TREO: > 45%

3N, 4N

CL65-Tb Inquiry
Terbium Fluoride

Terbium Fluoride
TbF3-TREO: > 81%
TbF3- 3~12mm for PVD

2N, 3N, 4N

FL65-Tb Inquiry
Terbium Nitrate

Terbium Nitrate Hydrate
Tb(NO3)3 XH2O
TREO: > 40%

3N, 4N

NO65-Tb Inquiry
Terbium Oxalate

Terbium Oxalate Hydrate
Tb2(C2O4)3 XH2O
TREO: > 42%


OX65-Tb Inquiry

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