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Tellurium Te

Tellurium (Te)
Tellurium is a chemical element with symbol Te and atomic number 52. It is a brittle, mildly toxic, rare, silver-white metalloid. Tellurium is chemically related to selenium and sulfur. It is occasionally found in native form as elemental crystals.
Application of Tellurium
Tellurium is a p-type semiconductor, and shows greater conductivity in certain directions, depending on alignment of the atoms. Many tellurium compounds exhibit photoconductivity--their conductivity increases slightly with exposure to light--which makes many tellurides candidates for solar energy applications. Tellurium improves the machinability of copper and stainless steel, and its addition to lead improves its strength and hardness. Tellurium is used as a basic ingredient in blasting caps, and is added to cast iron for chill control. Tellurium is used in ceramics. Bismuth telluride has been used in thermoelectric devices. Tellurium is available as metal and compounds with purities from 99% to 99.999% (ACS grade to ultra-high purity). Elemental or metallic forms include pellets, rod, wire and granules for evaporation source material purposes. Tellurium oxides are available in powder and dense pellet form for such uses as optical coating and thin film applications. Oxides tend to be insoluble. Tellurium fluoride is another insoluble form for uses in which oxygen is undesirable such as metallurgy, chemical and physical vapor deposition and in some optical coatings. Tellurium is also available in soluble forms including chlorides and nitrates. These compounds can be manufactured as solutions at specified stoichiometries.
EdgeTech Industries LLC provides tellurium metal and tellurium compounds including:
Tellurium Metal
Metal Products: ingot, rod, plate, powder, lump, particle, tellurium sputtering target, etc.
Purity: 3N~7N, or customized
Tellurium Compounds
Tellurium dioxide (TeO2): 3N~7N
Tellurium Evaporation Material
Tellurium (Te): 99.9%~99.999%
Tellurium products

Product Name Description Inquiry
Tellurium Metal Purity: Te, 99.9%, 99.99%, 99.999%, 99.9999%, 99.99999%, customized
Dimensions: Customer's Demands
Shape: ingot, rod, plate, sputtering target powder, lump, particle
Tellurium Metal Powder Purity: Te, 99.9%, 99.99%, 99.999%, 99.9999%, 99.99999%, customized
Particle Size: -200 mesh, -325 mesh, customized
Tellurium Dioxide Purity: TeO2, 99.9%, 99.99%, 99.999%, 99.9999%, 99.99999%
Particle size: 1.0~2.0mm, 2.0~3.0mm, 3.0~4.0mm , 4.0~5.0mm, 5.0~6.0mm, or customized
Tellurium Tetrachloride Purity: TeCl4, 99.99%, 99.999%, customized
Particle Size: -60 mesh, -200 mesh, or customized
Cadmium Telluride Purity: CdTe, 99.99%, 99.9999%, customized
Particle size: customized
Lead Telluride Purity: PbTe, 99.99%, 99.9999%, customized
Particle size: customized

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