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Titanium Mesh

We can provide titanium sheet mesh which is expended from titanium sheet, titanium wire mesh that weaved by titanium wire and titanium stamped mesh with circular holes, minimum opening is 1mm diameter.  Titanium mesh baskets and MMO mesh anodes made from titanium mesh are also available.

There are three types of titanium mesh by manufacturing method: weaved mesh, stamped mesh, expanded mesh.

Titanium weaved mesh is weaved by commercial pure titanium metal wire, the openings are regularly square. The wire diameter and opening size are mutual restriction. Wire mesh with small opening are mostly used for filtering.

Stamped mesh is stamped from titanium sheets, the openings are regularly round, it also can be other required-shape. Stamping dies are engaged in this product. The thickness and opening size are mutual restriction.

Titanium expanded mesh is expanded from titanium sheets, the openings are normally diamond. It is used as anode in many fields. Titanium mesh is usually coated with metal oxide and metal mixture oxide coated (MMO coated) such as RuO2/IrO2 coated anode, platinised anode. These mesh anodes are used for cathode protection. Different coatings are used for different circumstance. The coating process is plating and brushing, depends on coating materials and manufacture method from different shops.


  • Titanium Mesh

    Titanium Mesh

    Titanium mesh (expanded mesh, stamped mesh) is made by expanding & stamping ASTM B265 specified sheet. We also provide titanium basket & MMO titanium mesh anode.

  • Titanium Wire Mesh

    Titanium Wire Mesh

    Titanium wire mesh (cloth, wire mesh screen) is weaved by titanium wire; we provide kinds of wire mesh with commercial pure titanium & Gr5 Titanium.

  • Titanium Basket and MMO Mesh Anode

    Titanium Basket and MMO Mesh Anode

    Edgetech Industries LLC provides titanium mesh basket for titanium mesh anode, and it can also be coated with mixed metal oxides to make MMO titanium mesh anode.Titanium mesh basket can be made by titanium wire mesh and titanium expanded mesh.

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