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Nitinol is a metal alloy, sometimes also called Shape Memory Alloy (SMA). Nitinol alloys exhibit two closely related and unique properties: shape memory and superelasticity. Shape memory refers to the ability of a material to undergo deformation at one temperature, and then recover its original shape upon heating above its "transformation temperature". Superelasticity occurs in a narrow temperature range just above the transformation temperature; in these conditions, no heating is necessary to return to the pre-deformation shape.
Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) have been considered as one of the most promising smart materials. They can provide novel solutions in several fields, for various applications (e.g. actuator, biomedical application, clamping systems, etc.). Among the commercially available Shape Memory Alloys, nickel titanium ones are outstanding due to their excellent performance and reliability. In addition to its strain recovery, Nitinol is attractive for medical applications due to its biocompatibility, corrosion resistance and fatigue behavior.

Nitinol properties

Shape Memory Alloy Type

Type Description
Two-way Shape Memory Alloy that restores high-temperature shape when heated, and restores low-temperature shape when cooled
One-way Shape Memory Alloy deforms at sub-transformation temperatures and restores pre-deformation shape when heated, demonstrating unidirectional memory behavior.

Shape Memory Effect
"Shape Memory" describes the restoration of the original shape of a plastically deformed sample upon heating.
Superelastic Effect
An elastic (reversible) responses to an applied temperature, caused by a phase transformation between the austenitic and martensitic phases of a crystal.
Ms- Initial temperature for an austenite to martensite transition
Mf- Final temperature for an austenite to martensite transition
As- Initial temperature for a martensite to austenite transition
Af- Final temperature for a martensite to austenite transition

Nitinol products we provide:

Nitinol Rolling Products: Nitinol Sheet, Nitinol Strip, Nitinol Foil

Nitinol Drawing & Swaging Products: Nitinol Wire (Super elastic Nitinol Wire, Shape Memory Wire), Nitinol RodNitinol Fishing wire

Other custom parts: Nitinol Spring, Nitinol Parts

Shape memory gives Nitinol the ability to be deformed at one temperature, and then return to its original shape when being heated to its transformation temperature. This effect is caused by the material changing from its low temperature monoclinic martensitic structure to the high temperature cubic austenitic structure.

Besides nitinol shape memory alloy, we can also provide TiNiCu and TiNiNb shape memory alloys.


  • Nitinol Sheet

    Nitinol Sheet

    Edgetech Industries LLC is a reliable supplier nitinol sheet. We offer nitinol (nickel titanium alloy, shape memory and super-elastic alloy) sheets with cold-rolled, pickled and mirror shiny surface.

  • Nitinol Strip

    Nitinol Strip

    We offer nitinol strip (Ti-Ni alloy, shape memory, superelastic) for special applications, enabling unusual design characteristics. Nitinol strip can be supplied in roll and straight.

  • Nitinol Foil

    Nitinol Foil

    Edgetech Industries offers Nitinol foil (nickel titanium alloy, shape memory alloy, super-elastic alloy foils) with 0.002" thinnest thickness, specification ASTM F2063.

  • Nitinol Tube

    Nitinol Tube

    We provide nitinol tube (nickel titanium alloy tubes, superelastic alloytubing) with OD from 0.25 to 10mm, the active Af is 22+/-2℃. Nitinol tube is mostly used in medical.

  • Nitinol Rod

    Nitinol Rod

    We provide nitinol rod (shape memory and superelastic rod) from various grades of nickel titanium alloy. Nitinol threaded rod, nitinol cylinder and rings can be customized.

  • Nitinol Wire

    Nitinol Wire

    We manufactures nitinol wire (nickel titanium alloy wire, shape memory wire, superelastic wire) with various Af temperature that are used in all fields.

  • Nitinol Spring

    Nitinol Spring

    We provide nitinol spring (nickel titanium alloy spring, nitinol compressed spring,nitinol tension spring) with competitive price and various specifications. Two-way shape memory springs are our specialty.

  • Nitinol Muscle Wire

    Nitinol Muscle Wire

    The finest nitinol wire we can make for muscle wire (also called shape memory actuator wire) is 0.02mm, nitinol muscle wire is an important part for robotics applications.

  • Nitinol Threaded Rod

    Nitinol Threaded Rod

    We provide nitinol threaded rod (nitinol bolts, Ti-Ni alloy rods) with custom Af point and size, even the high temperature nickel titanium alloy rods with high hardness.

  • Nitinol Fishing Wire

    Nitinol Fishing Wire

    Nitinol fishing wire is superelastic alloy wire (even at low temperature) which can be stretched over ten times the length of ordinary steel leader without permanent deformation.

  • Shape Memory Parts & TiNiCu alloys

    Shape Memory Parts & TiNiCu alloys

    Nitinol (nickle titanium alloy) is used to make dental braces, spectacle frames and nitinol stents widely. We also provide other shape memory alloys: Ti-Ni-Cu Shape memory alloy, Ti-Ni-Nb shape memory alloys, etc.

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