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Praseodymium: Rare-earth magnets, lasers, core material for carbon arc lighting, colorant in glasses and enamels, additive in didymium glass used in welding goggles

Neodymium: Rare earth magnets, lasers, violet colors in glass and ceramics, didymium glass, ceramic capacitors

Samarium: Rare earth magnets, lasers, neutron capture, masers

Europium: Red and blue phosphors, lasers, mercury-vapor lamps, fluorescent lamps, NMR relaxation agent

Gadolinium: Rare-earth magnets, high refractive index glass or garnets, lasers, X-ray tubes, computer memories, neutron capture, MRI contrast agent, NMR relaxation agent, magnetostrictive alloys such as Galfenol, steel additive


Disc drives & disk drive motors

Power generation


Microphones & speakers


Anti-lock brake system

Automotive parts

Communication systems

Electric drive & propulsion








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