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Tungsten W

Tungsten is a chemical element with the symbol W and the atomic number 74. It is a grayish-white lustrous metal in raw form. Pure Tungsten is mainly used in electrical applications while Tungsten composites and alloys are used in various applications, especially in incandescent lights as filaments, in X-ray tubes (as both the filaments and targets) and in superalloys as composition. 

Edgetech Industries LLC began offering Tungsten and other refractory metals products years ago. We specialize in providing worldwide customers with all types of Tungsten fabricated products (such as Tungsten crucible, Tungsten rod and bar, Tungsten sheet, and plate, etc.), tungsten heavy alloy that is mostly used as weights and shielding, tungsten composites (such as tungsten copper, tungsten silver) that are used for electrode contacts, and tungsten carbide alloy using as tools. We also provide our new product polymer tungsten which is as flexible as cloth and this can instead lead to radiation shielding cause it is harmless to the environment. Porous tungsten is used for high temperature filtering.

Custom parts for these materials (pure tungsten, tungsten heavy alloy, tungsten composites and tungsten carbide) are also available. Send to your drawings to sales@edge-techind.com.

Tungsten Products

  • Polymer Tungsten

    Polymer Tungsten

    Polymer Tungsten (also known as Tungsten-filled Polymer, poly W, flexible tungsten) is a composition of various resins and Tungsten powder which are mixed together through special metallurgical technology.

  • Pure Tungsten

    Pure Tungsten

    Tungsten Plate, Tungsten Sheet, Tungsten Disc, Tungsten Foil, Tungsten Rod, Tungsten Bar, Tungsten Crucible, Tungsten Granules, Tungsten Heating Element, Tungsten Boat, Tungsten Wire, W Furnace System, Porous Tungsten, Tungsten Mesh.

  • Tungsten Alloys

    Tungsten Alloys

    Tungsten alloys: WNiFe Alloys, WNiCu Alloys. Tungsten weights, tungsten bucking bar, tungsten radiation shields, tungsten collimator, tungsten heavy alloys,tungsten rhenium alloys

  • Tungsten Composites

    Tungsten Composites

    Tungsten copper, Tungsten silver, Tungsten carbide copper, Electrical contact, Heat sink, Resistance welding electrode, Cu-Mo-Cu (CMC Material) heat sink, EDM Electrode

  • Cemented Tungsten Carbide

    Cemented Tungsten Carbide

    Cemented tungsten carbide rod, Cemented tungsten carbide strip, Carbide tools, Tungsten carbide bits

  • Raw Tungsten

    Raw Tungsten

    Tungsten powder (W metal powder), tungsten trioxide powder, tungsten carbide powder, tungsten disulfide powder, cast tungsten carbide, tungsten carbide granules

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