Evaporation Materials

Evaporation Materials

According to high quality standards and customers’ needs, Edgetech Industries LLC provides evaporation materials with specific chemical and physical properties.
Our evaporation materials are designed to meet our customers’ requirements and conform to all systems and processes. In addition to standard materials, Edgetech Ind also provides customized products. Our materials are available in granules, pellets and powders with a variety of packing sizes.
All materials at Edgetech Ind are subject to various tests. You will receive a certificate for every delivered material, illustrating material compositions and purity. Our material properties are examined by qualified institutes and laboratories.
Edgetech Ind offers a wide range of evaporation materials for vacuum deposition industry. Our materials are of various purities, ranging from 99.9% to 99.9999%.
Evaporation materials are available in the following forms
●Chunk  ●Foil      ●Wire    ●Rod
●Shot     ●Slug     ●Pellet  ●Tablet
We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, our sales engineers are ready to work with you to choose the suitable materials for your crucible and evaporating systems.

Evaporation Material by materials

  • Chromium Cubes
  • Cooper Evaporation Part
  • Copper Pellets
  • Hafnium Oxide Tablets
  • High Purity Nickel Pellets
  • High Purity Titanium Pellets
  • Nickel Chromium Alloy Pieces
  • Ruthenium Pellets

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