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Tungsten Rod

Unalloyed tungsten rod is produced from pure tungsten powder, the purity is usually quite high, 99.95%. Pure tungsten could be worked by forging, drawing, extruding and rolling. Pure tungsten ingot, which are made from tungsten powder by powder metallurgy, is the raw product to process tungsten rod.

Tungsten rods can be used to make emission cathodes, high temperature forming rods, support wires, printer pins, various electrodes, heating elements of quartz furnace, etc. Tungsten rods are also engaged in guns, rockets, satellites, airplanes and ships.

We manufacture our tungsten rods from particularly fine-grained materials, which guarantees good machinability.

We place the emphasis on absolute precision during the production of our tungsten rods. With our many years of experience in the field of refractory metals, even tungsten rods of diameters of up to 100 mm are available. We insist on particularly low tolerances in terms of both diameter and roundness and guarantee rods of exceptional straightness.

Specifications for our tungsten rods (W rods)

Product Tungsten Rod
Item Code PM74-R
Purity W≥99.95%, High purity: 4N, 5N
Size 2.0mm to 30mm, Grinding surface
>30mm, Smooth forged surface
Density Sintered tungsten rod: ≥18.3g/cc
Forged tungsten rod: ≥18.5g/cc
Process Pressing-sintering-forging-surface treatment
Surface lathed, centerless grinding, forged or etched
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High Purity Tungsten Rod
We can provide tungsten rods with higher purity as 99.99%, 99.999%. 5N pure tungsten rods are mainly used as materials for high standard bearing steels, automobiles, high-speed railways, high precision equipment, and high-tech weapons. 4N pure rods are mainly used in alloy tool steel, high quality clean steel, and high performance special steel, etc.

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