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Our advanced materials are widely used in mainly fields, materials with different properties are for various applications.

Aerospace: Titanium, Tungsten, tungsten weights, Aluminum scandium alloys
Marine: Titanium
Health Care: Tungsten CT collimators, TZM, MHC, tungsten-rhenium alloys, tungsten-copper, tungsten shedding, Rare earth
Coating: Sputtering Target, Evaporation materials
Power transmission and distribution: Tungsten copper, tungsten carbide copper,tungsten silver, tungsten carbide silver
Energy: Rare earth elements
Lighting Industry: Tungsten wire, Molybdenum ribbon
Thermal Processes: Molybdenum, Tungsten, Tantalum, Niobium,TZM Alloy, Mo-La, etc.
Ion implantation: Molybdenum, Tungsten, etc.
Electronics industry: MoCu, WCu, Cu-Mo-Cu and Cu-MoCu-Cu, molybdenum, tungsten,deposition materials, etc.
Quartz Glass: Molybdenum, furnace parts
Rare earth Magnets: Praseodymium, Neodymium, Samarium, Europium, Gadolinium, etc.
Ceramics: Rare earth elements
Thermal Spay: pure metal (powder, pellets, wire, etc.), metal oxides, alloys, carbides etc.

  • Aerospace


    Aluminum scandium alloy, Titanium, Tungsten, tungsten alloy, tungsten weights and counterbalance

  • Marine


    Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance and machinability, this makes Ti an ideal material for Maine.

  • Health Care

    Health Care

    Tungsten CT collimator, TZM, MHC, tungsten-rhenium alloys, tungsten-copper, tungsten shielding, Medical titanium, Rare earth elements

  • Coating industry

    Coating industry

    We provide Sputtering target, Evaporation Materials, Spray wire for coating industries.

  • Power transmission and distribution

    Power transmission and distribution

    Tungsten copper, tungsten carbide copper, tungsten silver, tungsten carbide silver, arcing contacts

  • Energy


    Rare earth elements are used in many advanced energy technologies.

  • Lighting industry

    Lighting industry

    We supply tungsten wire, molybdenum ribbon and tantalum ribbon for lighting industry.

  • Thermal processes

    Thermal processes

    We supply Molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium and their alloys for thermal processes.

  • Ion implantation

    Ion implantation

    Our components, made of molybdenum, tungsten, are widely used in the Ion implantation system.

  • Electronics industry

    Electronics industry

    We supply materials with excellent thermal conductivity, controlled thermal expansion coefficients and high purity.

  • Quartz Glass

    Quartz Glass

    We provide molybdenum glass melting electrodes, nozzle holders, flow needles, extension tubes, furnace components.

  • Magnets


    We provide rare earth elements that used to make rare earth magnets, such as Neo magnets, SmCo Magnets.

  • Ceramics


    Rare earth element is used in the following components: • Capacitors • Sensors • Colorants • Scintillators

  • Thermal Spay Coating

    Thermal Spay Coating

    Pure metal (powder, pellets, wire, etc.), metal oxides, alloys, carbides, composites, etc.

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