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Deposition Materials

Deposition materials include sputtering targets and evaporation materials. Their applications have permeated into our daily life such as glass, flat panel displays, data storage, and photovoltaics.
For all these applications, Edgetech Industries is a leading supplier of sputtering targets and thin film coating materials.
At Edgetech Industries, we provide thin film deposition materials for nearly every possible coating process. We supply more than 1800 materials for thin film deposition processes.
Our inorganic, metallic, and ceramic materials support all main OEM platforms and target configurations. With our expertise in thin film deposition, we are committed to providing innovative and customized products for your needs.
Our sputtering targets are nearly in any shapes, sizes, and compositions.
Evaporation materials, with high purity and low spitting, are available in both standard, and customized forms, including pre-melted materials.
We provide a wide range of materials for PVD processes, such as alloys, cermets, carbides, fluorides, nitrides, oxides, silicides, standard PVD precious metals, magnetic alloys, and rare earth elements, and more.
ETI can team up with you to design unique target configurations and development materials for your applications.
Our sputtering targets are of great purity, homogeneity, and grain size to guarantee thin film uniformity and long target life.
ETI also provides associated services, including target bonding, shield cleaning, precious metal refining and customized chemical synthesis.
We are experienced in handling with sensitive and hazard materials. Our product managers will help you with proper handling practices to protect your employees and environment as well.

As a materials and technology provider, we apply our expertise and global manufacturing capability in thin film materials to meet our customer’s first choice. Let us be your supplier of high-performance materials and help you achieve a total cost advantage.

  • Sputtering Targets

    Sputtering Targets

    Rare earth sputtering target, Pure metal sputtering target, Alloys sputtering target, Oxide ceramic sputtering target, Sulfide ceramic sputtering target, Telluride ceramic sputtering target, and ceramics sputtering targets

  • Evaporation Materials

    Evaporation Materials

    Rare earth, Pure metal, Alloys, Oxide ceramic, Sulfide ceramic, Telluride ceramic, and other ceramics evaporation materials

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