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Machined Titanium

EdgeTech Industries LLC provides titanium and titanium alloy custom parts such as titanium fasteners, titanium pipe fittings, titanium Flange, and other complex and customized Titanium parts.

Titanium Fasteners: Titanium Screws, Titanium Bolts, Titanium Nuts, Titanium Washer

Titanium Pipe Fittings: Titanium Tee, Titanium Stub End, Titanium Reducer, Titanium Elbow, Titanium Pipe Plugs, Titanium Pipe Nipples, Titanium Caps, Titanium Couplings, Titanium Bushings, etc.

Titanium Flanges: Titanium Slip-on Flange, Titanium Weld Neck Flange, Titanium Blind Flange, etc.

Titanium Anode: Assembled by coated titanium rods, sheets, or titanium mesh.

Complex parts processing method: Wire cut, CNC machining, Lathe machining, laser cut, etc. Per drawing.


  • Titanium Fasteners

    Titanium Fasteners

    Titanium fasteners are widely used in many areas including racing industry such as racing motorcycles/cars and medical equipment,etc. We provide nuts, washer, screws, bolts, micro fasteners.

  • Titanium Fittings

    Titanium Fittings

    We provide titanium elbow, tee, reducer, stub end, pipe plugs, pipe nipples, caps, titanium couplings, bushings and other customized titanium pipe fittings.

  • Titanium Flange

    Titanium Flange

    Edgetech Industries LLC provides all types of titanium flange (slip-on flange, blind flange, weld neck flange and lap joint flange) per ASME B16.5 specification. Material is mainly C.P. Titanium.

  • Titanium Anode

    Titanium Anode

    We provide metal oxide and metal mixture oxides coated Titanium anode such as RuO2/IrO2 coated anode, platinized anodes. These titanium anodes are used for cathode protection.

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