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Tungsten Radiation Shielding

Tungsten alloy radiation shields are made to only allow radiation to pass where it is actually needed. Our tungsten radiation shields guarantee that environmental radiation exposure is kept to an absolute minimum during the generation of X-ray radiation.
A particularly dense material with excellent shielding properties is needed to ensure that the surrounding tissue is protected and the radiation guided only to the intended locations--Tungsten heavy alloys are widely used in Medical and Industrial Radiation Shielding.
There is no licensing required for tungsten alloy materials. Tungsten alloys are stable at high temperatures. You can use one-third less material than lead for the same energy-absorbing effectiveness, meanwhile it is non-toxic.
You can use our high density tungsten alloys for shielding wherever radioactivity has to be controlled and directed. Edgetech Industries LLC specializes in producing tungsten radiation shields according to your drawing.

  • Shielding components for X-ray tubes
  • Shutter blades for computer tomography
  • Shielding elements for detectors
  • Isotope containers for brachytherapy
  • Shielding elements for linear accelerators
  • Radioactive source containers
  • Gamma ray protection
  • Source holders for oil-well, logging, and industrial instrumentation
  • Collimators and shielding for cancer therapy machines
  • Syringe protection for radioactive injections

Pictures for tungsten radiation shielding parts for different applications

  • Tungsten radiation source container
  • Tungsten radiation shields
  • Tungsten alloy leaves
  • Tungsten shielding parts
  • Tungsten shielding parts
  • Tungsten shielding parts

Packaging for our tungsten radiation shielding

Tungsten radiation shileding parts are fragile and heavy, carefully handling is need. The standard package for Tungsten radiation shielding parts is wooden crate, so that Tungsten radiation shielding parts  can be protected during handling and transportation.  

  • Shielding parts packing
  • Tungsten packing

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