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Tungsten Wire

Tungsten wire can be used for producing electric light source parts and electric vacuum components, heating elements and refractory parts in high temperature furnaces, heating elements used in vacuum metalizing or plating. Edgetech Industries LLC can also supply all kinds of tungsten evaporation boats and tungsten coils (stranded tungsten wire) for vacuum metalizing according to requests.
Properties and Characteristics of our tungsten wire
High temperature property: High temperature property requirements are categorized according to the specific applications.
Diameter consistency: Weight deviation of two consecutive 200mm wire pieces is less than 0.5% of nominal value.
Straightness of our tungsten wire:
Regular tungsten wire: Per requirements.
Straightened tungsten wire: For the tungsten wire thinner than 100μm, vertical height of 500mm freely suspended wire should not be less than 450mm; For the tungsten wire at or thicker than 100μm, the maximum arc height between two pints with distance of 100mm is 10mm.
Surface conditions: Smooth surface, free of splits, burrs, cracks, dents, dots, grease contamination.
Coil ability: No splits or breaks during coiling process.
Piece weight: Up to 5kgs for fine tungsten wire, 10kgs for regular tungsten wire.

Specifications of our tungsten wire:

200mm Weight Tolerance (%) Diameter Tolerance (%)
Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 2
8<d≤14 0.19<p≤0.59 ±3.0 ±4.0 ±5.0 N/A
14<d≤18 0.59<p≤0.98 ±2.5 ±3.0 ±4.0 N/A
18<d≤40 0.98<p≤4.85 ±2.0 ±2.5 ±3.0 N/A
40<d≤80 4.85<p≤19.39 ±1.5 ±2.0 ±2.5 N/A
80<d≤300 19.39<p≤272.71 ±1.0 ±1.5 ±2.0 N/A
300<d≤350 272.71<p≤371.18 N/A ±1.0 ±1.5 N/A
350<d≤500 N/A N/A ±1.5 ±2.0
d>500 N/A N/A ±1.0 ±1.5

Other dimensions can be customized.

Tungsten wire finish conditions:

Code Condition Code Condition Code Condition
C Chemical Cleaned DS Drawn + Straightened EHS Electrolytic Polished+ Annealed + Straightened
CS Chemical Cleaned + Straightened E Electrolytic Polished ES Electrolytic Polished + Straightened
D Drawn EH Electrolytic Polished + Annealed H Annealed

Packing spool size for tungsten wire:

Tungsten Wire

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