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Nitinol Threaded Rod

Edgetech Industries LLC manufactures nitinol rod products from various grades of nickel titanium alloy commonly used in medical applications as well for other various applications. We provide nitinol threaded rod with custom Af point and size, even the high temperature nitinol with high hardness.  

Nitinol Threaded Rod Specification

Product Name Nitinol Threaded Rod
Specification ASTM F2063-12
Af Temperature -10°C to 120°C
Size >0.2” Diameter
Surface Black, Pickled, Polished
Threads >M3, or ANSI SPEC.

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Pictures for nitinol threaded rods


  • Nitinol rod
  • Nitinol threaded rod
  • Nitinol rods
  • Nitinol threaded rods

Packing information for our nitinol threaded rod

Our nitinol threaded rods are mostly packed in wooden crates, this can protect the nproducts during transportation and handling.

  • Nitinol rod inner packing
  • Nitinol packing


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