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Molybdenum and Tungsten Crucibles Usage

Tungsten and molybdenum crucibles perform extremely well in Heat Exchanger Method (HEM) process and are useful for melting and solidifying of single crystals. Formed crucibles from Edgetech have thin walls and exhibit superior creep resistance.

Pressed-sintered crucibles are mainly used in the Kyropolous process for the production of sapphire. When sapphire is easily extracted, better yield and improved quality of sapphire can be realized. EDGETECH’s tungsten and molybdenum-based crucibles are heat-resistant and feature a smooth surface, which make them durable and cost-effective. They have high density and also resistant to corrosion.

Our crucibles are made from tungsten or molybdenum and have a surface roughness of below 0.8-1.6 µm. This feature extends the life of the reusable tungsten crucibles. When the crucible’s surface is rough, the sapphire cannot be easily extracted and this tends to damage the crystal. Besides, the crucible might get damaged in the process. In addition, the smooth surface is resistant to corrosion induced by the aggressive melted sapphire.

Our molybdenum crucibles are in huge demand. The reason attributed for this demand is molybdenum is quite complex to develop and involves thorough knowledge with respect to handling the material and setting up the machines. Crucibles are used in many fields that requires high temperature resistance.

EDGETECH has extensive expertise in the field of powder metallurgy and develops high purity and high-density crucibles that have uniform wall and base thicknesses, which are key prerequisites for attaining excellent creep resistance. Tungsten and molybdenum crucibles are developed in various dimensions, many customers and major manufacturers across have successfully utilized these crucibles.

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