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Silicon Nanopowder

Silicon Nanopowder (Nano silicon powder) is a new generation of semiconductor optoelectronic materials which has a wide energy gap, it is also a high-power light source material. Silicon Nanopowder, Ultra-pure silicon nanopowder is produced by a special process compare to silicon fume.

Performance and characteristics of silicon nanopowder:
·High purity
·Small particle size, and evenly particle distribution
·Large specific surface area & high activity
·Low bulk density
·Tasteless, non-toxic, yellowish brown powder

Specification for our silicon nanopowder

Item Code Description Purity Inquiry
14NP-3N Silicon Nanopowder, Irregular particles
100-200nm, 300-500nm
99.9% Inquiry
14NP-S3N Silicon Nanopowder, Spherical powder
30-50nm,50-80nm, 80-100nm, 100-200nm
99.9% Inquiry
14NP-6N Ultra-pure silicon nanopowder
Particle size: 20-100nm
Particle shape: Spherical particles
Specific surface area: 120m2/g
Bulk density: 0.08g/cc
99.9999% Inquiry

Applications for silicon nanopowder

1.Enhance more than 3-5 times capacitance and cycle-index of charge-discharge for Li battery.  By making silicon nanowires or coated graphite on its surface that used as lithium-ion battery anode materials.
2.Used in high-temperature coating and refractory materials.
3.Nano-silicon coatings can be applied to form a silicon nano-thin film, which is widely used in solar energy fields.

4.Can become silicon carbide (diamond composite) after mixed with diamond under high pressure, this composite is used for tooling.
5.Ultra-pure silicon nanopowder is also the raw material for polycrystalline silicon.
6.Reacting with organics, it can be used as raw material of organic polymer material.

Packaging and Storage for our silicon nano powder

This product is an inert gas and antistatic packed, it should be sealed and stored in a dry, cool environment. It should not be long exposed to air, anti-damp occurred reunion affect the dispersion properties and the results.

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