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Bismuth Powder

Bismuth is a silvery, crystalline, brittle metal when freshly produced and it often presents a pinkish tinge in the air. Bismuth is the most diamagnetic element, and its thermal conductivity is lower than any metal except mercury. It has a high electrical resistance and the highest Hall coefficient.

Edgetech Industries LLC provides bismuth (Bi) powder with high purity, uniform particle size, spherical shape, good dispersion, high oxidation temperature, good sintering shrinkage.

Specifications of bismuth (Bi) powder

Item Description Appearance SSA (m2/g) Inquiry
Spherical Nano Bismuth Powder Spherical particle, APS: 50nm, Purity: 99.9% Black 18 Inquiry
Micron Bismuth Powder Spherical particle, APS: 1um, Purity: 99.9% Black 13 Inquiry
Bismuth Powder Particle size: -100+200mesh, -200+300mesh, -325mesh, Purity: 99% Dark gray NA Inquiry

Applications of bismuth (Bi) powder

-Metal nano-lubricating additives: Add 0.1 to 0.5% nano bismuth powder to the grease, the friction during the formation of self-lubricating friction surface, self-repair film, significantly improve the performance of the grease.
-Metallurgical additives: Nano bismuth powder can be used as iron, steel and aluminum alloy additives to improve the machinability of the alloy.
-Magnetic Materials: Bismuth thermal neutron absorption cross section is small and high melting point, high boiling point, can be used as heat transfer medium in nuclear reactors.
-Medical imaging agent. Bismuth nanopowder serves as an effective contrast agent for medical imaging and certain forms of cancer treatment, making it one of the more heavily researched nanoparticles out there.
-Production of bismuth alloys, welding electrode, oil exploration charge, manufacture of low melting solders and fusible alloys.

Storage conditions of bismuth powder

Bismuth powder should be stored in dry, cool environment, sealed and cannot be exposed to air. Additionally package of bismuth powder should avoid heavy pressure during transportation.

Send your specifications to sales@edge-techind.com. Special particle size can be customized upon your request.

Packing of our bismuth (Bi) powder

Our bismuth (Bi) powder is clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

Pictures for bismuth (Bi) powder packing

  • Packing for bismuth powder
  • Packing for bismuth metal powder

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