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Tungsten Powder

Tungsten powder is widely used in the production of tungsten weight fillers, tungsten alloy radiation shielding fillers and induction accelerators, etc.. The thin film surface of its polymer mixture is ideally suitable for radiation protection. The large particle size makes it an ideal heavy metal filler for injection-molding applications. The unique shape and the resulted high flow ability of the particles make it suitable for applications in metal spray industry.

Product: Tungsten powder
Purity: tungsten, >99.9%
Appearance: Gray metallic powder
Particle shape: Irregular tungsten powder and spheroidal tungsten powder

Specifcations of our tungsten powder

Item Name Item Code F.S.S.S
(APS, µm)
Bulk density
Oxygen content (≤ %) Inquiry
Tungsten powder MP74-W1 0.6-0.8 1.4-2.2 0.5 Inquiry
Tungsten powder MP74-W2 0.81-1.0 1.7-2.5 0.4 Inquiry
Tungsten powder MP74-W3 1.01-1.5 2.0-2.8 0.3 Inquiry
Tungsten powder MP74-W4 1.51-2.0 2.2-3.0 0.3 Inquiry
Tungsten powder MP74-W5 2.01-3.0 2.6-3.5 0.25 Inquiry
Tungsten powder MP74-W6 3.01-4.0 3.2-4.2 0.25 Inquiry
Tungsten powder MP74-W7 4.01-5.5 3.8-4.8 0.25 Inquiry
Tungsten powder MP74-W8 5.51-7.0 4.0-5.2 0.2 Inquiry
Tungsten powder MP74-W9 7.01-12.0 4.2-5.5 0.2 Inquiry
Tungsten powder MP74-W10 12.01-30 4.5-6.5 0.1 Inquiry
Tungsten powder MP74-W11 -60 mesh to +325 mesh 7.3-8.9 0.1 Inquiry

MP74-W11 is the coarse tungsten powder that is made by sintered tungsten lump while the remaining tungsten powder is made by reducing of tungsten trioxide. The coarse tungsten powder is also named as sintered tungsten powder and Crystalline tungsten powder.

We also provide high density tungsten powder that with very concentrated particle size distribution。

We also provide customized high purity tungsten powder, such as 99.999 ~99.999% tungsten powder for special usage. Please send your request to sales@edge-techind.com for needs on tungsten powder.



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