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Tungsten Sheet

Tungsten rolled products available from ETI, including tungsten plate, tungsten sheet, and tungsten foil with many options on width, length and thickness. Pure Tungsten flat rolled products are fabricated from pressed and sintered powder metallurgy ingot, tungsten sheets are made by rolling process. 
The material is 99.95% pure, tungsten sheet and tungsten foil is normally supplied as-rolled in thicknesses below 0.030", and stress relieved at that thickness and above.
Our tungsten sheets are widely used in ion implantation, medical CT, electronics and vacuum equipment.

Properties of tungsten Application of tungsten Surface treatment of tungsten sheet
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • High Hardness
  • High Density
  • High Strength
  • Parts of Electric Light Source and Electron Tube
  • Medical Facilities
  • Obstruction of Radiation and Interference
  • Heat Shields, Heat Elements & Structures of High Temperature Furnace
  • Evaporation Boats
  • Hot-rolled
  • Alkaline Cleaning Surface
  • Electrolytic Polish Surface

Specifications of our tungsten sheet

Product Tungsten Sheet
Item No. PM74-S
Purity W≥99.95%
Specification ASTM B760
Process Pressing-sintering-Rolling-Annealing-Surface treatment

Tungsten Sheet Dimensions (Max, mm)

Tungsten Sheet Thickness Tungsten Sheet Width Tungsten Sheet Length
0.15-0.20 205 1000
0.20-0.25 300 1000
0.25-0.30 330 1000
0.30-0.50 350 1000
0.50-0.80 330 1000
0.80-1.0 330 1000
1.0-1.50 300 1000
1.50-3.0 300 1000

We can provide tungsten sheets with grinding surface, the sheets will need to thicker than 1.5mm.

Grinding Tungsten Sheets (mm)

Tungsten Sheet Thickness Tungsten Sheet Width Tungsten Sheet Length
1.5-2.0 150 200
2.0-3.0 200 250

Precision tungsten sheet parts for alpha ray shielding are widely used in medical equipment as detector, collimator, anti-scatter and in security inspection equipment.

  • Tungsten Sheet
  • Tungsten Sheet
  • Tungsten Sheets
  • Tungsten Sheets

Above the pictures are Tungsten Parts made by tungsten sheet for detector, collimator, anti-scatter for ray shield. 

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