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Cemented Tungsten Carbide Strip

Edgetech Industries LLC provides cemented tungsten carbide strip, as well as cemented tungsten carbide strip with angle and round strip.

The alloy is mostly tungsten carbide cobalt alloy, cobalt content can vary from 6%-15%.

Specifications for cemented tungsten carbide strip

Product Name Size (T x W x L, mm) Thickness
tolerance (mm)
tolerance (mm)
tolerance (mm)
Tungsten carbide strip 1 x (2~5) x L Thickness ≤7.0
Tolerance: +0.2/+0.5
Thickness > 7
Tolerance +0.2/+0.7
Width ≤30
Tolerance: +0.2/+0.6
Width> 30
Tolerance: +0.2/+0.8
Length <100
Tolerance: 0/+1.0
100 ≤ Length <200
Tolerance: 0/+2.0
Length ≥200
Tolerance: 0/+5.0
Tungsten carbide strip 1.5 x (2~10) x L
Tungsten carbide strip 2.0 x (3.5~15) x L
Tungsten carbide strip 2.5 x (2.5~20) x L
Tungsten carbide strip 3.0 x (3.0~20) x L
Tungsten carbide strip 3.5 x (3.5~25) x L
Tungsten carbide strip 4.0 x (4.0~30) x L
Tungsten carbide strip 5.0 x (4.0~40) x L
Tungsten carbide strip 6.0 x (5.0~40) x L
Tungsten carbide strip (7~20) x (7~40) x L

Grades for Cemented tungsten carbide alloys (WC-Co alloys)

ISO Grade WC Co % Hardness
K01 Balance 3 92 Precision boring, etc.
K05/K10/20 Balance 6 89.5-91.5 General Machining, etc.
K30 Balance 8 88-89.5 Cast Iron, Machining, etc.
K35 Balance 10 87-89 Drilling, Machining, etc.
-- Balance 15 87 Wear application, etc.
-- Balance 20 85.5 Stamping small parts, etc.

We can also provide WC-TiC-Co with corresponding ISO grades P10, P20, P30; and WC-TiC-TaC-Co carbide with corresponding ISO grades P25, P40, M10, M20, M30

Packaging of Cemented tungsten carbide strip (WC-Co strip)
Our cemented tungsten carbide strips are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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