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Niobium Mesh

We provide niobium wire mesh, sheet expanded mesh, platinized mesh anode, niobium stamped mesh. 

Wire mesh: 20-180 mesh, weaved by niobium metal wire.
Sheet expanded mesh: Opening size 1x1mm to 50 x 50mm, per customer request.
                                                       Expanded by niobium sheets.
Surface for un-coated Nb mesh: Black oxide, chemically cleaned

Application for Nb mesh
Noble metal electroplating, aluminum wheel hub electroplating and special electroplating, recycle, anodic oxidation and electroplating.

Chemical Composition for Niobium Mesh

Material Main Content Impurities (no more than %)
Nb Fe Si Ni W Mo Ti Ta O C H N
R04200 Remaining 0.004 0.004 0.002 0.005 0.005 0.002 0.05 0.012 0.0035 0.0012 0.003
R04210 Remaining 0.01 0.01 0.005 0.02 0.01 0.004 0.07 0.015 0.0050 0.0015 0.005

Platinized niobium mesh:

Material Niobium (Nb)
Current density 10000A/m2
Fluorine ion content <500mg/L
Life span >10 months
Coating oxide Pt
Platinum content  ≥10g/m2
Working temperature <80°C
Coating thickness  0.5-15µm

Features of platinized niobium mesh:
4-5 times more than platinized titanium mesh anode, but save 2.5 times cost of the latter. Nice current distribution and even thickness.
The platinum layer is firmly combined with the niobium-based substrate, and the performance is extremely stable. It is used for ceramic composite electroplating and has the advantages of strong current and low voltage.

Application: seawater, potassium gold cyanide + citric acid, horizontal electroplating, pulse electroplating, cathodic protection, acid and alkaline electroplating solutions, fluorine-containing solutions and other special electroplating solutions.

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