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Molybdenum Sheet

Molybdenum sheets are widely used in electronic, lighting, vacuum coating, medical equipment, semi-conductor glass fiber and electrode, heater, heater shielding in vacuum resistance furnace. Molybdenum Sheet can also be manufactured to Molybdenum boat for Evaporation Coating. Edgetech Industries LLC can provide molybdenum sheets, TZM alloy sheets, Mo-La alloy sheets per request.

Specification for our molybdenum sheet (Moly sheets, Mo sheet)

Product Molybdenum Sheet
Standard ASTM B386, Type 361, Type 364 (TZM Alloy)
Purity Mo≥99.95%
Process Cold rolling, Hot rolling
Size Thickness: 0.09mm~4.75mm
Width: 150~760mm
Length: Per customer’s need
Surface Rolling, Chemically cleaned, Grinding (Thick>2.0mm)
Delivery condition As rolled, Vacuum annealed

Size range of Molybdenum Sheets

Molybdenum sheet thickness (mm) Molybdenum sheet width (mm) Molybdneum sheet length
0.09-0.10 150 (+/-3.0) L
0.10-0.15 300 (+/-3.0) 1000 (+/-5.0mm)
0.12-0.20 400 (+/-3.0) 1000 (+/-5.0mm)
0.20-0.30 650 (+/-3.0) 2540 (+/-5.0mm)
0.30-0.50 650 (+/-3.0) 2540 (+/-5.0mm)
0.50-1.0 600 (+/-3.0) 2400 (+/-5.0mm)
1.0-2.0 600 (+/-3.0) 2000 (+/-5.0mm)
2.0-3.0 600 (+/-3.0) 2000 (+/-5.0mm)
3.0-4.75 600 (+/-3.0) 2000 (+/-5.0mm)

Thciker molybdenum rolling product is named molybdneum plate. 

We can also provide TZM alloy sheet and Mo-La sheet. Price for pure molybdenum sheet is lower than TZM alloy sheet and Mo-La Alloy sheet cause the machining and sintering process.

Packaging for our molybdenum sheet (Moly sheet, Mo sheet)

The standard package for molybdenum sheet, TZM alloy sheet, Mo-La sheet is wooden crate, so that  molybdenum sheet can be protected during handling and transportation.  

Pictures for molybdenum sheet and other molybdenum/TZM products

  • Molybdenum Plate
  • Molybdenum Sheet Packing

Please send us your specification for molybdenum sheet to sales@edge-techind.com.

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