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Molybdenum Heat Shields

Molybdenum heat shielding parts with high density, exact dimensions, smooth surface, convenient-assembly and reasonable-design has great significance in improving the crystal-pulling. As the heat-shield parts in the sapphire growth furnace, the most decisive function of molybdenum heat shield (molybdenum reflection shield) is to prevent and reflect the heat. Molybdenum heat shields can also be used in other prevent heat needs occasions.

Molybdenum heat shields are mostly made from molybdenum sheets by welding and riveting, molybdenum rods, molybdenum nuts and molybdenum screws are also used to make molybdenum heat shields. We provide molybdenum heat shields per customer’s drawing.

Description of molybdenum heat shields

Standard: ASTM B386, Type 361
Material: Mo, 99.95%
Application temperature environment: < 1900°C 

Specification of molybdenum heat shields:

Molybdenum Heat shields can be made any size and configuration. Dimensions and tolerances are according to your drawings. High-quality molybdenum products provide exceptional heat resistance. Price of molybdenum heal shield depends on size, complexity, configuration, and additional requirements specified in the order. 


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