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Molybdenum Boats

Molybdenum boats are made after processing molybdenum plates with cutting, folding, riveting and welding. The molybdenum boat shapes can be molded according to requirements, including round, rectangular, square, and trapezoidal and etc.

Thermal evaporation (resistance evaporation) is a coating method employed during physical vapor deposition. The material that is to form the subsequent layer is heated in a vacuum chamber until it evaporates. The vapor formed by the material condenses on the substrate and forms the required layer.

Application of molybdenum boats:
Molybdenum boat can be used in the vacuum thermal evaporation air, the capacitor sinter, the nuclear fuel sinter, rare earth industry. It can also be used as carrying boats and related parts of high-temperature furnace of machines.

Specification for molybdenum boat:
Length: 50mm-1000mm,
Width: 10mm-500mm,
Height: 10mm-300mm,
Wall thickness: 0.3mm-30mm

Pictures for molybdenum boats and other molybdenum parts

  • Molybdenum Boats
  • Molybdenum Tray
  • Molybdenum Tray
  • Molybdenum coils

Molybdenum evaporation coils are made from molybdenum multiple-strand wire, can be provided in different shapes and coils according to customers’ needs.

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