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What can Niobium be used for

Niobium is special because its high level of corrosion resistance is achieved at a relatively low weight. In the chemical industry, niobium is a high-quality acid and liquid metal corrosion resistant material that can be used in cooking machines heaters and coolers.

Based on its high transition temperature, niobium is the perfect material for superconducting cables and magnets.

Based on its high level of biocompatibility, niobium is also used as a material for implants.

We also use this material to manufacture coin of all colors, corrosion-resistant evaporation boats and dimensionally stable crucibles for diamond growth.

Niobium is used in the casting industry; it is mainly used to form a hard carbide and change of graphite morphology & size. They are used in the manufacture of automotive cylinder head, piston ring and brake etc.

Niobium can increase the transmittance of lenses, is also used in the manufacture of lenses in the optical industry.

Nb is also found in the lighting industry, such as Nb-1%Zr alloy can be used for producing precision support of high strength sodium vapor lamp, these small parts have excellent heat resistance to sodium vapor corrosion.

Another important application of Niobium is to use the material to make niobium rod. It is worked cold from ingot to final diameter. Forging, swaging, and drawing are used singularly or in combination to reach the desired size.

Niobium acid is also an important catalyst.

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