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Tungsten tube-High density & melting point metal tube

Tungsten tubes are drilled from tungsten bars / rods, W tube with massive OD are going to be mold directly.

Tungsten – periodic symbol W - lays claim to the very best freezing point of all components. This characteristic combined with a superb ability to resist thermal shock enhances its ability to perform well as a conductor. Rocket cones, that should stand up to fast temperature changes and recurrent on and off cycles, area unit typically manufactured from tungsten.

Tungsten’s density conjointly permits it to expeditiously block radiation from sure areas whereas directional it to others. It will direct and form a beam of radiation, permitting doctors additional exactitude and management whereas treating cancerous tissue. With the employment of tungsten devices and shields, doctors area unit ready to target cancerous areas, whereas at the same time shielding healthy tissue from the harmful effects of radiation.


The quartz production method uses continuous melting methodology, that is, it desires continuous melting of quartz no end. Recurrent studies prove that the properties of W materials will meet the demand for quartz continuous melting process; so the materials area unit wide applied to quartz melting furnaces. With high freezing point, high thermal physical phenomenon, and high strength at heat and alternative characteristics, especially, its sensible heat resistance, W merchandise becomes the essential a part of quart chamber.

Tungsten may be a terribly dense material, virtually as dense as gold, and fifty p.c additional dense than lead. However, this refractory metal is way additional environmentally friendly than lead and fewer overpriced than gold. Tungsten’s density makes it a perfect radiation shielding material to be used in medical devices (e.g. irradiation devices).

Tungsten’s hardness makes it a perfect material for cutting tools or parts employed in oil and gas wells, and its ability to resist heat and corrosion makes it a perfect material for electronics.

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