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Processing performance of Tantalum

Processing performance

Tantalum has good plasticity, low deformation resistance, and low process hardening. It can be processed into plates, strips, foils, pipes, rods and wires at room temperature.

Tantalum can be formed into various devices & parts using traditional processes, equipment and tools such as metal spinning, deep drawing, bulging, bending, punching & cutting, stamping and drawing.


The mechanical properties of fully recrystallized pure tantalum are similar to soft copper. In order to meet the tolerance and surface roughness requirements, the following machining method can be used: turning, milling, planing, grinding and reaming, boring, tapping and others.

Welding performance

Tantalum has the best welding performance amount all refractory metals, and can be welded with carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy, titanium alloy, etc. Electron beam welding and inert gas shielded tungsten arc welding can be used to weld tantalum chemical equipment components with ductility-brittleness transition temperature below room temperature, which can meet the requirements of chemical industry. Tantalum-Steel composite materials can be prepared by explosive welding, which is an effective way for manufacturing tantalum lining of large-scale corrosion-resistant equipment. We can use silver solder, copper solder and several special high-melting metal solder alloys for tantalum soldering connection.

Welding and brazing must be performed under vacuum or high purity inert gas. Resistance welding or seam welding can be performed in air or underwater.

Heat treatment

For best processability, tantalum is often used at a stress-relieved or recrystallized temper. The recrystallization temperature is determined by the purity, the amount of cold work, and historical conditions. Recrystallization temperature of pure tantalum plate with specific thickness is 1000-1250 ℃.

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