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Applications list for niobium

Niobium is used in the manufacture of products for diverse applications:
-High temperature vacuum furnaces, where it is an excellent getter
-Nickel based superalloys; and alloyed with titanium or tin
-Sodium vapor lamps, where it is resistant to attack by the molten alkali
-Synthetic diamonds
-Sputtering targets for fiber optic applications or architectural glass
-Nuclear reactors it has low thermal neutron cross section and superior corrosion resistance

Industries which Niobium is engaged:

-Iron and steel industry
-Superconducting materials industry
-Aerospace Industry
-Atomic energy industry
-Electronic industry
-Other applications

Some more Special Applications of Niobium

-Quantum computer chips (qubits)

-High-entropy alloys (HEAs) 


-Orthopedic implants

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