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Fabricated Molybdenum

Molybdenum possesses high melting point, low coefficient of thermal expansion and high level of thermal conductivity, these proerpties make molybdneum used in many different industries. Molybdenum is the All-rounder Metal.

Fabricated process: Sintering, forging, hot rolling, cold rolling, swaging, drawing, grinding, etc.

Here's the product line for our molybdenum fabricated products:

Rolling Molybdenum: Molybdenum  Plate, Molybdenum Sheet, Molybdenum Disc, Molybdenum Foil & Strip.

Drawing & swaging Moly:  Molybdenum Rod, Molybdenum tube, Molybdenum Wire, Molybdenum Bar

We can carry the same product line with TZM Alloy and Mo-La Alloy


  • Molybdenum Cylinder / Ingot

    Molybdenum Cylinder / Ingot

    We provide pure molybdenum cylinder, ingot, column and block per request with good quality and competitive pricing. TZM Alloy and MoLa Alloy Cylinders are also available.

  • Molybdenum Tube

    Molybdenum Tube

    Molybdenum tube (Moly tubing) and molybdenum pipe (molybdenum piping) can be used under temperature up to 1,800 degrees. Besides pure molybdenum tube, we also provide TZM Alloy Tubes & Mo-La Alloy tubing.

  • Molybdenum Rod

    Molybdenum Rod

    Molybdenum rod (molybdenum rods & Moly bars) can be manufactured into Mo wire, electrode, steel-making additives, electric vacuum parts, etc. Small molybdenum crucible and molybdenum tube are also machined from molybdenum rod.

  • Molybdenum Bar

    Molybdenum Bar

    Edgetech industries LLC provides molybdenum bar (Moly bars) with square molybdenum bar, rectangular molybdenum bar according to your request. We also provide machined molybdenum parts from Molybdenum bars.

  • Molybdenum Strip

    Molybdenum Strip

    Molybdenum strip (Moly strips) can be used in lighting, vacuum coating, and semi-conductor fields. Molybdenum strip is rolled from molybdenum sheet and plate, surface is regularly shiny as cold rolled.

  • Molybdenum Ribbon

    Molybdenum Ribbon

    EdgeTech Industries LLC provides molybdenum ribbon (molybdenum flat belt) & Yttrium doped molybdenum ribbon for lighting & heating fields. Molybdenum ribbon can also be used as the component of high temperature furnace cause high temperature toleranc

  • Coated Molybdenum Disc

    Coated Molybdenum Disc

    Edgetech Industries LLC provides coated molybdenum disc & coated molybdenum square with coating: Ru, Rh, Ni, Ag, Au etc. We can also supply molybdenum discs per customer's drawing.

  • Molybdenum Disc

    Molybdenum Disc

    Molybdenum Disc & Molybdenum Square has a similar low coefficient of thermal expansion to with silicon, but better machining properties. We provide both coated molybdenum disc & un-coated molybdenum disc.

  • Molybdenum Sheet

    Molybdenum Sheet

    Molybdenum sheet (Moly sheet) is widely used in electronic, lighting, vacuum coating, medical equipment,etc. Molybdenum sheet can also be manufactured to molybdenum boat for evaporation coating.

  • Molybdenum Plate

    Molybdenum Plate

    Edgetech Industries LLC provides molybdenum plate (Moly plate, Molybdenum plates), TZM Alloy plate, Mo-La Alloy plate per request. Grinding surface, chemical cleaned surface are available for molybdenum plate and molybdenum sheet.

  • Molybdenum Foil

    Molybdenum Foil

    We can provide the thinnest molybdenum foil with 0.01mm thick. Molybdenum foil, strip and ribbon can be used in lighting, vacuum coating, and semi-conductor fields.

  • Molybdenum wire

    Molybdenum wire

    Molybdenum wire (Moly wire) can resistance high temperature and corrosion, molybdenum wire is used as heating materials of high-temperature resistance furnace, EDM cutting molybdenum wire. We also provide TZM alloy wire and Mo-La wire.

  • Molybdenum Spray Wire

    Molybdenum Spray Wire

    Molybdenum spray wire is used to spray automotive components, like piston ring, synchronizing rings, gear boxes. We provide molybdenum spraying wire with most popular diameter of 0.125" (3.175mm) and other customized size.

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