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Magnetic Data Storage

Specific Applications:
-Capping Layers
-Exchange Control Layers
-Seed Layers
-Adhesion Layers
-Granular Magnetic Layers
Using a wide-range of precious and non-precious metal-based alloys, our sputtering targets are custom-engineered to fit your most exacting specifications for magnetic recording media.

Sputtering targets for magnetic data storage:
CoPt-X, FePt-X, FePt-Oxides, CoCrPt, CoCrPtB, CoCrPtB-X, Ru, Ru-X, Ru-Oxides, NiW, NiW-X, MgO, TiN , CoFe-X-Y-Z, FeTaC, Cr, CrTi, Cr-X-Y

Sputtering Targets for Magnetic Data Storage

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