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Advanced Ceramics

YSZ (Yttria Stabilized Zirconia) has the properties of high density, toughness and super hardness, which make it a good grinding media, enabling to achieve superior grinding efficiencies compared with other conventional grinding media such as Alumina and Agate.
Lanthanum hexaboride (also called lanthanum boride and LaB6) is an inorganic chemical, a boride of lanthanum. For more information, please vist our website at: Lanthanum hexaboride
Silicon Nitride: Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) rod, Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) bearing balls and Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) bearings, Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) crucible, etc.
Silicon Carbide: Silicon Carbide tube, Silicon Carbide rod, Silicon Carbide plate, Silicon Carbide nozzle, Silicon Carbide ball, Silicon Carbide ring, Silicon Carbide tray, Silicon Carbide crucible, Silicon Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide (NBSC) , etc.
Boron Carbide: Boron Carbide Bulletproof Plate, B4C plate, etc.
Boron Nitride: Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Sheet (PBN Sheet), Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Strip (PBN Strip), Boron Nitride Rod (BN Rod), Hot Pressed Boron Nitride Crucible (H-BN Crucible), Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) Crucibles, High Purity Boron Nitride Plates / Discs, PBN tubes, rods, plates, heaters, BN Nozzle, etc.
CVD Coated Graphite Products: Available coating materials are: Silicon Carbide (SiC), Pyrolytic Graphite (PG), pyrolytic Boron nitride (PBN) with trays, crucibles, tubes, heating elements, etc.
Alumina: Alumina tube, Alumina rod, Alumina plate, Alumina crucible, Alumina bushing, Multi-bore Alumina Tubes, etc.
Aluminum Nitride: Aluminum Nitride Substrates, Aluminum Nitride Sheets, etc.
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  • Boron Nitride (BN)

    Boron Nitride (BN)

    Boron Nitride Plate, Sheet, Disc, Tube, Boron Nitride Insulators, PBN Disc, Sheet, Ring, PBN Crucible (VGF / LEC /Conical /MBE), PBN Machined & Custom Parts

  • YSZ Grinding Media

    YSZ Grinding Media

    We provide YSZ grinding media in many forms: Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Ceramic Balls, Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Ceramic Cylinders, YSZ Grinding Media, etc.

  • Lanthanum Hexaboride (LaB6) Ceramic

    Lanthanum Hexaboride (LaB6) Ceramic

    Edgetech Industries LLC produces Lanthanum Hexaboride (LaB6) powder, LaB6 cathode, disc,(LaB6) tablet (LaB6) sputtering target, rod, tube, plate, other customized ceramic parts.

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