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Specific Applications:
- Architectural Glass (low-e, solar control)
- Automotive Glass
- Anti-reflective and Antistatic Coatings (ARAS)

ETI is the world’s leading supplier of sputtering targets for the glass coating industry, involved in development and production of coating materials for architectural glass, automotive glass, photovoltaics, mirrors and other specialty coatings.
We have developed proprietary production processes for all these target materials. This guarantees consistent products, which correspond exactly to our customers' specifications – lot to lot, target to target.

Planar Sputtering Targets:
Ag, Ag-alloys, Al, AlCu, AlSi, Bi, BiMn, Cr, Cu, CuAl, ITO, Mo, Nb, NiCr, Si, Sn, SnZn, SST, Ti, W, Zn, ZnAl, Zn , ZnSn, Zn-alloys, Zr
Rotatable Sputtering Targets:
Ag, Al, Cu, Mo, NiCr, Si, SiAl, Sn, SnZn, SST, Ti, Zn, ZnAl, ZnSn, Zn-alloys

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