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Dysprosium Dy

Dysprosium Dy

Another soft, silver metal, dysprosium has one of the highest magnetic strengths of the elements, matched only by holmium. Dysprosium is often added to permanent rare earth magnets to help them operate more efficiently at higher temperatures. Lasers and commercial lighting can use dysprosium, which may also be used to create hard computer disks and other electronics that require certain magnetic properties. Dysprosium may also be used in nuclear reactors and modern, energy-efficient vehicles.

Our dysprosium products

Shaped Dysprosium ( Reduced Dysprosium & Distilled Dysprosium): Dysprosium Lump, Dysprosium Sublimed dendritic, Dysprosium Sputtering Target, Dysprosium Disc, Dysprosium Rod, Dysprosium Plate, Dysprosium Sheet, Dysprosium Aluminum Sputtering Target, Dysprosium Pellets, Dysprosium Cube, Dysprosium Cylinder, Dysprosium Evaporation Materials, etc.

Dysprosium Chemicals: Dysprosium Powder, Dysprosium Oxide Powder, Dysprosium Chloride, Dysprosium Fluoride, Dysprosium Nitrate, Dysprosium Carbonates, etc. 

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Material Available_Products Purity Part No. Inquiry
Dysprosium Metal (Dy Metal)

Dysprosium Metal
High Purity Dy metal Lump, granules and powder
Dysprosium Target, Disc, Sheet, Foil
Dysprosium Plate, Rod, Ring, etc.

3N, 3N5, 4N

M66-Dy Inquiry
Dysprosium Oxide (Dy2O3)

Dysprosium Oxide
Dy2O3 Powder: D=~3.8 µm
Dy2O3 Granules: 3~12mm for PVD
Dysprosium Oxide Sputtering Target

3N, 4N,5N

O66-Dy Inquiry
Dysprosium Acetate

Dysprosium Acetate Hydrate
Dy(C2H3O2)3 XH2O
TREO: > 35%

2N, 3N

AC66-Dy Inquiry
Dysprosium Carbonate

Dysprosium Carbonate Hydrate
Dy2(CO3)3 XH2O
TREO: > 42%

3N, 4N

CN65-Dy Inquiry
Dysprosium Chloride

Dysprosium Chloride Hydrate
DyCl3 XH2O
TREO: > 45%

2N, 3N

CL66-Dy Inquiry
Dysprosium Fluoride

Dysprosium Fluoride (DyF3)
DyFAnhydrous Powder-TREO: > 81%
DyF3 Granules- 3~12mm for PVD
Dysprosium Fluoride Sputtering Target


FL66-Dy Inquiry
Dysprosium Nitrate

Dysprosium Nitrate Hydrate
Dy(NO3)3 XH2O
TREO: > 42%

2N, 3N

OX66-Dy Inquiry
Dysprosium Oxalate

Dysprosium Oxalate Hydrate
Dy2(C2O4)3 XH2O
TREO: > 42%

2N, 3N

OX66-Dy Inquiry

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