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Resistance Welding Electrode

Refractory resistance welding electrode materials, such as tungsten copper, tungsten, molybdenum copper or molybdenum are used for applications such as projection welding inserts, where the electrode contact area is at least three times the weld size. These materials have higher hardness but lower conductivity than the Class 2 (RWMA Class 2-Copper, Chromium) electrodes. They are unsuitable for spot resistance welding as they suffer localized heating at the tip contact, which can lead to cracking of the electrode. The exception is for joining high conductivity metals such as copper wire or foil, where heat is generated mainly within the refractory resistance welding electrode tip and conducted into the materials to be joined.

The electrodes are one of the most important factors in the resistance welding process but often the most abused. It is important to consider the electrode material, shape, size, tip profile and cooling.

Properties of our resistance welding electrode

-Relatively high level of electrical conductivity at high temperatures
- Outstanding stability at high temperatures
- Considerably longer service life

Products we provide for resistance welding eledtrode

Bars and Rods, Caps, Holders, Shanks, Accessories, Adapters,
Bent Electrodes, Straight Electrodes, Stud/Nut Electrodes, Specialty Electrodes

Tungsten copper electrode materials

Copper Tungsten RWMA Class 10

RWMA Class 10 Tungsten Copper (Copper 45%, tungsten 55%) is generally used for flash and butt welding die inserts where higher electrical and thermal conductivity is necessary and where a degree of malleability is desirable. These materials are also used (as a radius faced electrode) for spot welding low conductivity ferrous metals such as stainless steel.

Tungsten copper RWMA Class 11 

RWMA Class 11 tungsten coppers (copper 25%, tungsten 75%) is used for electrode and die inserts in most flash and butt welding dies and for projection welding dies where welding pressures and moderate. Most nut and stud welding applications use this alloy brazed on the electrode face. It is also used for light electrical upsetting, electro forging dies and seam welder bushing inserts.

Tungsten copper RWMA Class 12 

Tungsten Copper and Tungsten Carbide Copper alloys are recommended for volume projection welding dies where the pressures involved are relatively high. Electrical upsetting of non-ferrous metals and low carbon steel is usually accomplished by the use of such tungsten copper materials as die facings. Cross-wire welding of large diameter wire and rod is accomplished with such tungsten copper materials.

We also provide other materials for resistance welding electrode

RWMA Class 1 (Copper, Zirconium)
Class 1 material is recommended for spot welding of coated steels and high conductivity materials, excluding copper and silver.

RWMA Class 2 (Copper, Chromium)
Class 2 material is recommended for spot and seam welding cold and hot-rolled steels and coated materials as well as current carrying shafts and arms, back-up bars for both resistance and arc welding and electrical current carrying structural parts and springs.

RWMA Class 2 (Copper, Chromium, Zirconium)
Class 2 material is recommended for spot and seam welding cold and hot rolled steels. There is some evidence that this alloy outperforms other alloys material when welding coated or galvanized steels.

RWMA Class 3 (Copper, Nickel, Berylium Free)
Class 3 material is recommended for heavy duty offset holders, back-up bars, flash welding dies, current carrying structural members, shafts and bushings in combination with Class 2 Alloys.

RWMA Class 13 (Molybdenum)        
RWMA Class 14 (Copper, Chromium, Cobalt, Beryllium)

Electrodes joint by tungsten electrode and copper electrode are also available.

Please send your request on tungsten copper and tungsten carbide copper electrodes to sales@edge-techind.com

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