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Tungsten Copper

Tungsten based composites (tungsten copper & tungsten silver) are strong refractory metal materials manufactured by a strictly controlled process involving pressing, sintering and infiltrating with copper or silver . They are highly resistant to heat, electric arc, wear and deformation at high temperature welding, flash butt and spot welding. They also have excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. The properties of tungsten composites are related to the copper/silver-to-Tungsten ratio. If the Tungsten content improves, the electric arc and wear resistance will increase while the thermal and electrical conductivity, on the contrary, reduce. Due to their unique properties, they are widely used where the combination of good electrical and/or thermal conductivity and low thermal deformation is necessary, for example:

Here is the specific properties and usage for each grade of tungsten copper composites

CuW50 and CuW55, these composites have the lowest Tungsten contents. They are both good switching and contact materials for oil filled devices. CuW55 is also used for arcing contacts in oil circuit breakers and arcing edges of selectors and switchblades in transformer tap changers.
CuW65 and CuW70, these composites are used as contact materials in severe arcing applications including gas, oil and some air circuit breakers. They are also used for arcing edges on selectors and reversing switch blades.

CuW75 and CuW80, these composites are used as contact materials under extreme arcing conditions. Applications include arcing contacts in gas and oil circuit breakers, contacts and transformer tap changers, arcing plates and arc runners in power switching equipment.
CuW85 and CuW90, these composites have the highest Tungsten content. They are used as contact materials where resistance to contact welding, sticking and arc erosion are critical. They also provide satisfactory heat and current interruption capabilities. Typical applications are power vacuum switches and high power spark gap electrodes, etc..

Properties for our tungsten copper products

Composites Nominal composition (% Weight) Density (g/cm3, ≥) Electrical resistivity (20ºC, μΩ.cm, ≤) Electrical conductivity (IACS%, ≥)
W50Cu 50W, 50Cu 11.85 3.2 54
W55Cu 55W, 45Cu 12.3 3.5 49
W60Cu 60W, 40Cu 12.75 3.7 47
W65Cu 65W, 35Cu 13.3 3.9 44
W70Cu 70W, 30Cu 13.8 4.1 42
W75Cu 75W, 25Cu 14.5 4.5 38
W80Cu 80W, 20Cu 15.15 5.0 34
W85Cu 85W, 15Cu 15.9 5.7 30
W90Cu 90W, 10Cu 16.75 6.5 27

Specifications for our tungsten copper products

Type Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Diameter (mm)
Rod 2 ~ 300 --- --- 2 ~ 320
Plate 10 ~ 300 10 ~ 300 2 ~ 200 ---
Other parts Cube, ring, block, electrode and other customized parts

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