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Tungsten Rhenium Alloy

Tungsten rhenium alloy can be used over a wide temperature range (-196°C to 2,760°C) and standard temperature tables (ASTM E230 and E1751) are available from 0°C to 2315°C. Rhenium improves the properties of tungsten. Tungsten rhenium alloys are more ductile at low temperature while stability under high temperature is improved as while. The effect increases with the rhenium concentration and usually W Re alloys are produced up to 26% of Re. The cost of these materials is relatively lower compared to noble Pt and Rh.

Specifications for tungsten rhenium wire

Product Tungsten rhenium alloy wire
Material W-3Re, W-25Re, W-5Re, W-26Re
Specification ASTM E696
Density 19.4g/cc to 19.7g/cc
Diameter 0.1~1.0mm

Tungsten rhenium sheet, tungsten rhenium plate, tungsten rhenium rod are also available. For more information on Rhenium related products, please click: Rhenium












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