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Tungsten Isotope Container

Tungsten Isotope Container is made by tungsten heavy alloy, it is for radiating radioactive from Isotopes chemical elements. Tungsten Isotope Containers are used in many different fields, such as radiotherapy in medical applications.
Particularly well sealed tungsten isotope containers are needs when store and transport these isotopes. Whenever you need a reliable radiation shield, we have the right material. Isotope safes and isotope containers made from the tungsten heavy metal alloys and absorb radioactive radiation reliably. Tungsten Isotope Containers ensure that radioactive nuclides are securely shut away.

Packaging for our Tungsten Isotope Containers

Tungsten Isotope Containers are fragile and heavy, carefully handling is need. The standard package for tungsten isotope container is wooden crate, so that Tungsten Isotope Container can be protected during handling and transportation.  

  • Tungsten Alloy Isotope Container Packing

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