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Tungsten Alloy Rods/ Ingots / plates / sheets

We supply forged tungsten alloys, rolled tungsten alloys, swagged tungsten alloys, without further machining we named them as semifinished tungsten alloys. Materials can cover all tungsten heavy alloys, mainly Tungsten-Nickel-Iron alloy and Tungsten-Nickel-Copper Alloy.

Forged tungsten alloys include tungsten alloy ingot, tungsten alloy rod, tungsten alloy bar, tungsten alloy block, and tungsten alloy plate. Dimensions for forged parts are always large, unit weight can be up to thousand pounds. Rolled tungsten alloys include tungsten alloy plate, tungsten alloy sheet, and tungsten alloy foil, thickness ranging from 0.05mm to 6.0mm. They are mostly used as shield parts in medical and electronic industries.

Edgetech Industries provide Semifinished tungsten alloys products as well as tungsten alloys fasteners that used for assembly. Parts as the picture is made by tungsten alloy plate and tungsten alloy screws, that’s for a medical shielding which protect operator from radioactive agent.

Pictures for tungsten alloy semifinished products and parts machined from shaped tungsten alloys.

  • Tungsten Alloy Ingot
  • Tungsten Alloy Shielding Vial
  • Tungsten Alloy Shielding Part

Packaging for our tungsten and tungsten alloys

Tungsten materials are fragile and heavy, carefully handling is need. The standard package for tungsten product is wooden crate, so that the products can be protected during handling and transportation.  

  • Tungsten Alloy Packing
  • Tungsten Alloy Packing

Tungsten alloy products

Product Item Code Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Diameter (mm)
Tungsten alloy rod HM74-WR 2 ~ 600 --- --- 2 ~ 320
Tungsten alloy ball HM74-WB --- --- --- 1.5 ~ 200
Tungsten alloy plate HM74-WP 10 ~ 600 10 ~ 300 2 ~ 200 ---
Other types HM74-WX Tungsten alloy cube, tungsten alloy ring, tungsten alloy block and other customized tungsten alloy products

Contact us at sales@edge-techind.com for any inquiries and questions on tungsten alloys. 

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