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Shape Memory Parts & TiNiCu alloys

Nitinol is used to make dental braces, spectacle frames and stents widely.
Nitinol Spectacle frames: Nickel Titanium Alloy is soft, so the frames are comfortable to wear. But if they are bent accidentally, the wearer can return the frames to their original shape by immersing them in hot water.
Nitinol is widely employed in dental braces. In dental braces, nitinol provides a constant force on the teeth, forcing them into to the prescribed position.

Ti-Ni-Cu & Ti-Ni-Nb Shape memory alloy
Besides Ti-Ni memory alloy, ETI can also provide Ti-Ni-Cu shape memory alloys (Regular Af=60-80℃, narrow hysteresis memory alloy) and Ti-Ni-Nb shape memory alloys (Regular Af=~0℃, wide hysteresis memory alloy).

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Packing information for our shape memory pars

Our shape memory parts are mostly packed in wooden crates, this can protect the shpe memory parts during transportation and handling. We can provide vacuum pack for some high precision shep memory parts.

  • Shape memory rods
  • TiNiCu alloy rods
  • Shape memory sheets
  • Nitinol packing

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