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Nitinol Sheet

Edgetech Industries LLC offers nitinol (nickel titanium alloy sheet, shape memory alloy sheet, superelastic sheet) in a number of formats, allowing for a customization of alloy types, thermomechanical conditions, surface finishes, loading plateaus, and tensile strengths.
Nitinol sheet (titanium nickel alloy sheet) is ideal for laser cutting, electrical discharge machining (EDM), and photo etching, enabling the creation of detailed, small scaled structures.

Specifications for our nitinol sheet (nickel titanium alloy sheet, shape memory alloy sheet, superelastic sheet) 

Product Name Nitinol Sheet
Material Nickel: 54.5-57 wt%, Balance: Ti
Specification ASTM F2063-12
Af Temperature -10°C to 120°C
Size 0.004”- 0.2” x W x L
Surface Cold-rolled, pickled, or Mirror shiny
Shape Rolls, Flat pieces

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Packing information for our nitinol sheet (nickel titanium alloy sheet, shape memory alloy sheet, superelastic sheet) 

Our nitinol sheets are mostly packed in wooden crates, this can protect the nitinol sheets during transportation and handling. We can provide vacuum pack for some high precision nitinol sheets and parts.

Pictures for nitinol sheet (nickel titanium alloy sheet)

  • Nitinol Sheet (Mirror)
  • Nitinol Strip
  • Nitinol Sheet (Pickled)
  • Nitinol Sheet Packing

We can also program custom shape when heating nitinol sheet (titanium nickel alloy sheet), please send us your request to sales@edge-techind.com for any needs on nitinol sheet.

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