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Tantalum (Ta) Container

Edgetech Industries LLC provides customized Tantalum Container for high corrosive media and other applications. Outstanding resistance and excellent cold ductility is the mainly reason for tantalum that used as tantalum container in sulfuric acid and other chemicals surroundings.

We can determine the following properties through the addition of various alloys:

-Physical properties (melting point, vapor pressure, density, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, heat capacity)

-Mechanical properties (strength, fracture behavior, ductility)

-Chemical properties (corrosion resistance, etch-ability)

-Workability (machining, form-ability, weld-ability)

-Structure and re-crystallization properties (re-crystallization temperature, proneness to embrittlement, aging effects, grain size)

Processes that engaged for tantalum container from tantalum ingot: Rolling, forging, Turning, welding, EDM wire cutting, etc.

We produce the tantalum container and Tantalum Crucible according to the customer’s request or drawing with competitive price. Tantalum container is mainly used in metallurgical industry, machinery processing, glass and ceramic industries. The raw material wil be ASTM specified tantalum. 

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Please send your drawing & request for tantalum container to sales@edge-techind.com for quotation. 

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