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Marker Bands

Edgetech Industries LLC is a global provider of marker bands for the medical device manufacturing industry. Our marker bands, manufactured in platinum iridium alloy, gold or tantalum are cut into lengths, down to 0.25 mm according to clients’ demands via an original process which guarantees high precision and a burr-free finish. Common applications include radiopaque marking, ring electrodes, cardiac rhythm management devices, stents and angioplasty.

Marker bands are made by cutting small tubes which can be used as radiopaque markers during angioplasty and other minimally-invasive catheter procedures.

We provide tantalum marker band, platinum iridium (Pt90/Ir10) marker bands
Size: OD φ0.2 ~ φ8mm
Wall thickness: 0.015 ~ 0.5mm
Material: tantalum, platinum iridium alloy (Pt90/Ir10)
Standard: ASTM F560

Pure platinum is too soft to cut into small piece like marker bands, while platinum iridium (Pt90/Ir10) marker bands are available. 

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Our Tantalum Marker bands are mostly packed in plastic box & carton, this can protect marker bands during transportation and handling. 

  • Tantalum Marker Bands
  • Tantalum Marker Bands

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